My vision is to give new life to old treasures through creating objects with a modern but timeless exspression. I want to tell a story, to pass on history and to ask questions. During the process my concerns are environmental issues, problem solving and craft skills.  



Use and disposal is a global problem, especially concerning textiles. I want to contribute to a change of mind. The importance of asking questions as a conscious consumer – who, what, where? – how was this made? How long did
it take? How much did it cost the environment? It takes time to change patterns, and it depends on teaching our descendants important knowledge about sustainable values and the history of good crafts and lived life.



Through my work I recycle textiles in creating new forms in a new context.
The transformation adds value to the textile. The combinition of crochet tablecloths and zippers makes one of a kind necklaces. The bracelets are a fusion of small pieces of vintage emroidery and fine textiles. Arms cut from mens shirts make new use as kids trousers. Woven tablecloths is a material which I use a lot in the making of interior objects and accessories. I design unique dresses from reused clothing and also give aid to vintage garnments for continous life.